Digital marketing manager services

Managing your digital marketing mix can be a huge challenge. Pixel 11 lightens this burden by providing you with digital marketing manager services for your entire digital marketing function, or community manager services for your social media pages.

Typical offerings included in such services would include:

Services We Do

  • Digital Marketing plan for 1 year
  • Digital Marketing budget plan for 1 year
  • Digital Marketing calendar plan for 1 year
  • Monthly digital marketing audit report
  • Competitive analysis monthly report
  • Coordination and follow-ups with stakeholders and providers
  • Website content management
  • Database / CRM management (excludes cost of CRM system)
  • Email marketing management (monitoring and audit - excludes direct marketing fees)
  • Business development assistance (coordination with sales force) x1 meeting per month
  • Content creation supervision (social media & communication)
  • Content creation: Articles, posts, infographics, e-books, newsletters, SEM campaign, nurturing programs, etc.
  • Monitoring & audit of all social activities
  • Moderation 24/7
  • Graphic design services included